Ranked-choice (Instant-runoff) Voting, Interactive Demo

In recent years some voters have been increasingly unsatisfied with two-party systems in USA. In 2016, neither of the two party candidates could get a majority of votes of the American people. In 2000, one third party candidate ended up making a big difference in the total, because as in most voting systems, one can only vote for one person for each position.

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Analysis of the Robinsons’ “Environmental Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide”

If you live in Oregon you may have seen one of these research papers mailed to you along with a short letter promoting Noah Robinson for Oregon senate. Since this report is claimed on the campaign website to be “the most widely read scientific review article on “climate change,” which shows that human use of hydrocarbon fuels like gasoline is not changing the earth’s climate“, and the data in the charts ends at about the year 2000 for many charts as of its publishing, I decided to get some more recent data to research the most recent trends:

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