NodeRed for Onstar access for GM/Chevy vehicle access

In recent years there has been a surge in popularity of Chevrolet vehicles like the Chevrolet Bolt and, coming soon, the Equinox EV. There has also been increased popularity for Linux phones like the Librem phone, but unfortunately there has been no equivalent for the “myChevrolet” app for your own computer or Linux-phone… unless you know where to look.

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Knime conference coming up

Next week the KNIME fall conference will be happening, Nov 14-16. For mathematicians or anyone wanting to look at some useful AI/Machine learning tools, this should be an informative conference! I’ve seen some previous sessions with interesting demos and overviews of new features they add to this open-source tool. Virtual passes are free to the live-streamed event! If it is like past online lessons, it is likely they will also be available later from their Youtube channel page.

Update: Check the videos here!

Adding a Bleachbit cleaner for disk space and privacy

If you have ever seen the disk usage nearly full message, you have probably been grateful for the free Bleachbit application for your computer. Whether it’s on Linux, Windows or other systems, Bleachbit is a good way to clear old cache when you get a warning about low disk space or to clear out a lot of old data for privacy. However there are many applications that don’t have a cleaning definition… yet.

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