Announcing Hearham live repeater listing

The new Hearham live repeater listing has been up for one week and now has hundreds of repeater listings up! If you’ve been looking for a database to use for your offline app, this may be it! Unlike other repeater listings this aims to be up to date and allow for timely comments to go out to all users of the repeaters to know about any outages or changes.

There are several reasons I started a database of repeaters. First, there was no freely accessible offline database file to use for a repeater app, that includes accurate GPS coordinates. In fact, most don’t have approximate coordinates or if they do, the mark for “A” mtn near “C” city is often showing right in the middle of the city rather than the peak the repeater is on. If you’re in a city, you want to know what direction a repeater is, and its general location.

There is also the problem of old listings, inaccurate listings, and no obvious way to message or comment on a repeater, or favorite to get notifications about the status of nearby repeaters they use. When logged in, you may now favorite repeaters to get notifications about changes or outages.

Please take a look and add your favorite repeater listings if you don’t see them already. You can view them online or offline with the new repeater-START app. This viewer should install easily on any recent Ubuntu, Raspberry Pi Raspbian, or other linux system, by downloading and opening the .deb file and installing it. Upon loading it will download the database for offline use automatically.

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