Knime conference coming up

Next week the KNIME fall conference will be happening, Nov 14-16. For mathematicians or anyone wanting to look at some useful AI/Machine learning tools, this should be an informative conference! I’ve seen some previous sessions with interesting demos and overviews of new features they add to this open-source tool. Virtual passes are free to the live-streamed event! If it is like past online lessons, it is likely they will also be available later from their Youtube channel page.

Update: Check the videos here!

Are Electric vehicles the way to go? A mathematical look at the economics of EVs

There have been a lot of items in the news about electric cars recently – many states have rebate for new vehicles, and federal tax incentives will be a complicated and interesting opportunity next year. The car company website would certainly say you will save a lot purchasing their vehicles, but there is a surprisingly easy way to estimate for yourself whether an EV is cost effective.

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Packaging a Python application for ArchLinux/Manjaro Linux

In a previous howto I showed how to build a .deb installer file for a Python program. This would work for the majority of systems with Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint etc. However there are many users on Arch Linux or Manjaro, which do not take this .deb installer file. Some Linux computers such as the popular (and currently out of stock 🙁 ) Pinebook laptop, and Pinephone come with Manjaro Linux, which takes Arch packages. Thankfully there is an easy way to add a package to the AUR for these Arch-based devices.

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Optimizing a Python program with profiling data

If you have been maintaining a Python program that has been growing for some time with new features you may notice at some point it can get a bit lagging and slow. For example, the app that is powered by repeaters listing has grown from thousands of repeaters to now over 10,000 repeaters in the listing shown in the app. This hung things up especially on devices like Raspberry Pi or Librem phone while starting up the app.

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Snap Store and Flatpak – missing “app stores” for Librem 5 Phone?

As you may have noticed, the Librem phone and other Linux phones don’t always have the same apps you may be looking for for iOS and Android, with few available within the built in store. While you must check with developers and encourage them to build their apps for Librem phone, there are a number of these that can be installed already from Flathub/Snap store:

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