Chrome 93 brings a different way of thinking

If you are using Chrome 93, you may have noticed recently the “Your connection is always secure unless Chrome tells you otherwise” in the location bar. This raises an interesting question – should the system be telling you that any site that you visit is secure? Should we be trusting Chrome in this regard?

For years security experts have asked to check for the secure “lock” icon to see if a site is legitimate, like a bank or email site. Now with free https widely available, various “secure” sites have already come up for fake banking urls with a supposedly secure auto-generated ssl certificate.

So now you have to closely look at the domain part of the url (darker in the location bar) and also check for an alert about the lock status (now a drop down menu that has a lock in it). Perhaps a better way to phrase it should have been, your connection is to the domain in bold, be careful!

Another change in Chrome brings a reading list, which should be a good way to save an article for later… The star button has two options, for adding a bookmark of your email or other service, vs an article for your reading list. It does seem odd that if you “add to reading list” a book on Abebooks or other online store, if you choose it later it moves to “pages you’ve read”. If only completing a book was actually that easy…

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