Energy of the future

Just last weekend a record high of 100 degrees Fahrenheit was recorded… within the arctic circle! While some would say this is something to panic about, that might point to the same confusion of long term climate vs short term weather confusion and pretending a cold day disproves global warming.

It’s worth noting that often fear of a thing can be much worse than the thing itself – although one day should not be something to worry about, you should consider what scientists are predicting – for example, if you live in USA, look at what is expected for your region under the Regions sections of the last 4 year climate assessment and see what NASA, DOD, USDA and others are predicting in their report.

Another thing many people don’t realize is that even if global warming is found to be a complete hoax, there have been numerous studies showing that diesel and fossil fuels are linked to increased mortality from pollution.

So it seems timely that in the latest Make Magazine, inventor Dr. Saul Griffith makes a case for more green energy as many note the problems with fossil fuels. A look at projects in the links in that article to those he founded or was involved with, shows an interesting look at the energy future:

  • – detailed mapping of where the various fuels are used.
  • Materialcomforts – We all know to put a sweater on when it gets cold, but … what if air conditioning and warming were automatic and regulated? This could be a very cool invention.
  • – interesting (mostly)kid activities, some of these are quite clever.
  • – innovative trackers for more efficient solar.
  • Makani power – this is is an interesting idea. Future automated kites to use for energy generation!?
  • Volute – interesting flexible gas container project. Looks like the future of combustible fuel could be Hydrogen?

In another surprising recent news article, New York city council finally allows electric bikes. Let’s hope that improves the smog situation and accessibility to transportation rather than causing conflicts among commuters.

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