is shutting down – Possible alternatives?

If you have been using from Wordfence, you may have seen the news already, that is shutting down at the end of the month – for lack of being a viable business project for the Wordfence team 🙁

While this is disappointing, what other tools are out there that we can use?


Available in Chrome and on, this is actually the engine that used for the site optimization checks, it just checked in various different servers in other parts of the world.

Dotcom-tools Website Speed Test

This fills the worldwide part of the worldwide speed test, you can test a couple locations around the world at once without even creating an account, at:


If you have a business that is critical to have an always up website, something like this may be appropriate, or a subscription to any other global IT company that serves businesses with performance management.

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  1. SpeedVitals Batch Test is another great alternative. It can run the Page Speed test from 15 locations simultaneously.

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