Hacktoberfest is coming up

It’s that time of year again, with leaves falling, people getting in from the cold and wind and getting in to coding… Hacktoberfest is just a few days away!

Getting involved

As you can see the projects participating list is enormous… Do a search here for those using your favorite programming language and check your favorite projects on Github/Gitlab and see if any you use have some issues or tickets or documentation to work on… Some of these project include

Are you not a developer? Look for non-code contributions you could work on:

  • Translation – do you know two or more languages? Translation of documentation or user interface may be useful for projects that are looking for this.
  • Documentation – The Readme.md of many projects may often be missing important steps. Check out your favorite project’s build instructions and see if there are missing steps – there likely are in some cases. A PR to revise any out-dated instructions may be appreciated.
  • Design – are you a designer? You may know that a number of projects could use some icons/graphics that are not something made by a developer 🙂
  • Events – You could help locals organizaing a hacktoberfest event.

Listing your project

If you have an open source project that you are wanting to participate with this month, do check out the upforgrabs.net repo – you may add to it using the instructions here.

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