Introducing the new EMP-proof Ham Radio Repeater Listing

If you have been using Amateur radio for some time you may know about the app connected to repeater listing, which lets you keep an offline record of radio repeaters and a topo-map, on your Linux computer, tablet, phone, or even Android phone. But what would you do during an EMP or solar event causing extended downtime and damage of all computer devices?

Introducing Hearham EMP-proof repeater-listing

All data you save offline with the EMP-proof repeater listing will be accessible without power, without electronics! because it is a piece of paper! This new print out tool will give you all you need to stow in your faraday-cage box along with some HTs and extra batteries for the day after all the electronics go down.

If you are a maintainer of a repeater, you may enjoy the directions on the printout, as GPS would likely not be working in the event of an event that crashes satellites. So you can get back to the approximate repeater location as listed on the repeater printout, and see if you can repair it – or if it has been commandeered by others trying to rebuild all the other local infrastructure.

(*Not responsible for lost or misplaced or damaged repeaters.)

(*Not responsible for damaged device while using the repeater listing or devices with it)

(*read the date of this article 🙂

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