Newegg Black Friday bug… yikes!

Once in awhile a purchase allows a purchase payment plan, which is often paying more… but this particular one I found on black friday was ridiculous:

This is most likely a quirk of Javascript, the common browser-frontend language, and how it considers division by 0. In F12 console tools try 34/0.. it says “Infinity”. In reality the limit is infinity. In fact there are cases that it isn’t infinity, either. This is one problem of a language allowing division by zero – most programming languages will throw some sort of an error in a case like that.

Today’s Cyber Monday sale doesn’t seem to have a similar bug, at least I couldn’t find it again. It’s not likely you would be paying infinite, or even millions on a payment plan like that, and it most likely was incorrectly seeing it as multipayment item, one that would split an unpaid amount into later payments where the part not payed was… zero?

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