Best/Worst of April Fools 2022

With the news trends and company trends these past years, April fools has been one thing on a backburner for most sites. But this year there were some funny ones…

Hip CSS filters! Like for developers

Stackoverflow filters – does the world’s most popular coding site need some cheese re-skin css, but doesn’t need a job board page?


Does the Openstreetmap really need you to look like a cat trailing a rainbow on the map, while improving local map data with Streetcomplete? really…?

Omaha Steaks

Does anyone, vegetarian or not, want to smell like Lighter fluid, Mesquite, or Beef antiperspirant?

Butterfinger Mayonnaise?

You may have seen Chipotle mayo, or lime mayo or Avacado oil Mayo… but candy-bar Mayo? Yikes.

Check some more here 🙂

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