Listening for a callsign on DMR with

These past few weeks have certainly been trying for some communities with power outages, winter weather and utility failures. Ham radio is a very good way to communicate in your local community, but what if lots of other people are on the local repeater? What if you want a notification if your child or buddy is calling you, but not every other kerchunk or distracting story on the local repeater? If you have a DMR digital radio and id and digital repeater nearby, the tools on may help – and help save your battery leaving a radio on all day 🙂

Update May 2021: Check out the video overview here!

Listening for a friend or neighbor’s callsign can be done on this service in just a few easy steps:

  1. Sign up on hearham:
  2. Browse to your local DMR repeater: As of now there are just two widely used DMR networks listened at the moment – Brandmeister and Choose one from your dashboard and then enter the number to send an SMS alert to.
  3. Listen/wait! Note that it’s an experimental service and not guaranteed to be fully accurate or timely, but do give it a try and contact or through the provided error report forms in the system if you notice issues!

This project has been featured in the Instructables Automation contest this month! If you like it/use it please vote 🙂

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