Lost the setup-new-Android screen? There is hope…

If you’ve ever worked to try and set up a new phone, you may have noted that the initial transfer and setup screen may go away… Even if you reset the phone again, how do you get it back? Fortunately there is an excellent open source Activity Launcher that will let you get back to this screen (“activity” in Android developer terms).

The app is available on both Fdroid and Google Play, so install it and choose the “Android Setup” (com.google.android.setupwizard) and tap one until the setup screen comes up again (It will likely be “.deferred.DeferredTrampolineActivity”)

Alternatively, if you have ADB debug installed on a computer you could start up that task with the equivalent:

adb shell

in your terminal with a debug-enabled phone connected, the in the adb shell run

am start -n "com.google.android.setupwizard/.deferred.DeferredTrampolineActivity"

This will bring back the initial start up activity. Note that you only want to do this once, on initial setup of the phone!

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