Installing /e/OS and first review

As you may know, /e/OS is the non-Google Android OS that runs on a variety of phones. This means the combined advantages of Android apps, extra privacy options and not getting gobs of Google apps each asking for your login and information, which you cannot delete*. An easy installation program is available to set up your phone if it is one of the more common models!

Downloading /e/OS and necessary files - screenshot

The easy-installer is indeed quite easy and guides through unlocking then locking boot along with reformatting the device.

Installation over
Success screen

* Yes, I know that you can “disable” each of the Google apps in the app settings, however they still are stored in device storage, often with numerous adware and promotional apps you can’t remove!

Transferring data

In place of the default nag screen and setup to log in to sync with a Google account, /e/OS has Murena Cloud, with 1GB free space for emails, calendar, contacts, and OnlyOffice online office suite that is much similar to Google’s (yet does not seem to have automatic save).

Murena online apps
Online web interface for Murena
Murena plan choices

A basic 1GB of storage comes with the free plan you set up on the install process.

The best way to transfer data from the other device is to transfer the sd card, if applicable, using it as external storage – and/or using the import and export within the app (Antennapod, Silence sms, etc.)


The base system of /e/OS is nice compared with common manufacturer’s bloatware Android and Google’s Android, and even comes with some default extras for blocking trackers, blocking location (using fake location) and using external IP (Tor):

Search and suggestions, Murena cloud indicator
Main screen default apps
Storage on new install
Privacy tools

In addition to privacy tools, the Android version and Android security updates version is much newer than the preinstalled security updates on most other devices!!

The “App lounge” has all the F-droid apps and installs and updates them without opening up a screen for each app to choose “install” and wait, as on most Androids. Anonymous login lets you go download the usual Google-play store’s app in similar manner as Aurora without going and having several apps for installing your other apps.

The /e/OS Murena preinstalled Teracube actually sells for $30 more than the Teracube 2e on Teracube’s site (You can get an extra discount with the “TREECARD” code).

There are of course a few disadvantages as had been noted on /e/ os forums:

Overall, this is a much better option as of now compared to most of the non Android non iOS phones… but let’s hope in the future there will be a variety of reasonable phones, that have apps!

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