Stojo Cup Review – a surprisingly useful gift idea

Stojo makes a very unique collapsible mug, and a unique gift for anyone on your list…

Stojo cup collapsed
Stojo cup ready for use.

The Good

The Stojo cup is “spillproof” and screw on lid – with a squishy straw that also is heat resistant for your coffee or tea.

Stojo is unique among cups in that it is a travel size mug that fits in a large pocket, and collapses to a manageable size and expands to a 16oz cup with markers for 12oz, 14oz. Perfect for taking to a coffee shop and bringing it with you rather than mess with the cheap plastic-lidded disposable ones. Bringing a reusable cup to all your regular events will save a large pile of plastic and paper needed for cups.

The Bad

Stojo is a cup with four parts: Three at least are necessary, as the outer sleeve keeps your hand from a hot cup wall.

That brings up a second point, this is not a thermos or a Hydroflask to throw in your backpack. No Stojo products would be great for putting stickers from your favorite travels, as many of us are apt to do with a metal thermos. It’s a replacement for the crummy single use cups with the plastic lid that doesn’t work well…

Turmeric (and possibly other materials?) might discolor the silicone wall and it’s good to rinse and wash right after use. It is “machine washable” at least.

The bottom-most part is about 2 inches across and is a bit tippable – but not bad, and the top lid is a screw-on.


All in all, Stojo makes good and sturdy products that you will use again and again. Good for everyday use, or even day trips or backpacking utensils.

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