Pinetime update with Gadgetbridge

If you use a Pinetime you may not have updated it since you received it…? If so you may be missing some features such as alarm, improved heartrate monitor and now, swipable notifications. Fortunately it is easy enough to get it updated…

Step One, Setup

Before upgrading you must have your device set and connected to your phone or computer. Check the user documentation for companion apps to install.

Step Two, Download

You can download Infinitime for Pinephone at their releases page. The first .zip file, not the “source code”.

Step Three, Install

The interesting thing about Pinetime as compared to other electronics is that there is no plug as it is a sealed unit. The syncing and the upgrading are through bluetooth. You can use your app such as Gadgetbridge to install it. If your file manager that comes with your phone doesn’t open it with Gadgetbridge, you can install Ghost Commander, advanced file manager on Android, and brows to the Downloads directory. It will let you hold tap + select “Send to…” and choose Gadgetbridge “FW/App installer”.

Wait for the firmware to install, and try again if it fails… If you have an app like Greentooth or others that disable your bluetooth from time to time you may have to re run this step with the bluetooth-disabling app removed. 🙂

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