PyImageSearch Review

If you have been doing OpenCV or Python machine learning, you have most likely come across PyImageSearch. If you come across a sale for this service I would recommend trying it out if you are learning some machine learning. This past week they have run a free promo 7 day trial, which gave me an opportunity to browse these.

Among the reasons you might want to subscribe:

  • Consistent lesson video recording quality and tutorial quality on a practical example – high quality not necessarily guaranteed if you just browse Youtube for similar tutorials.
  • Insights on how the code samples work, downloadable and online-runnable samples.
  • Regular new content with practical code samples.

While I would definitely recommend continuing in this class if you were looking for a machine learning career or any programming career, there are a few reasons you might not want it:

  • All Python – most of the machine learning libraries have a plethora of documentation for the Python language, but if you must be doing this in Java or Ruby or your favorite language, (why would you?) then maybe only the concepts in the video may be useful.
  • No forum? – Each lesson listing shows a video explanation, .zip download and a Google colab for your Google Drive. Not a comments area.

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