Purism price increase scheduled for end of June

If you have been thinking of buying the new Librem phone now may be the best time to do so! The price will be increasing $100 according to a recent posting on their blog. And what better way to celebrate independence day than a device independent of many of the major tech giants’ updates? You can even buy a Librem phone that is built in USA… at over double the cost, however.

In the Purism Blog they pointed out that recently a Coronavirus Exposure app was force installed (but not activated?) on Android devices by Google. They do not mention that iOS devices have a virus tracking exposure utility (and who would have thought those 4 words would go with any advertised Apple product? :/ ) Nor do they mention that if you want one, there isn’t a COVID tracking app on the Librem Phone, along with some other native apps that don’t seem to have a standard Desktop ARM Linux device installer. Native camera and GPS etc. should be coming up in their recently highlighted upcoming update!

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