StarryAI Machine-generated Christmas images and app icons

Some time ago I found the StarryAI service, with limited computer-generated imagery functionality. These are the image equivalent of painting as writing would be to ChatGPT. Let’s take a look at what we can generate…

I considered at some point generating icons/logos with it but it doesn’t produce the most coherent results… Here are some funny results for “A popular worldwide amateur radio repeater app icon”:

App icon
App icon
App icon
App icon

Okay, that looks like a mismatch of various radio or electronic devices but quite busy and … random looking. It’s impressive it is trained on icons enough to know an icon is a generally simple and rounded rectangular image though. What if I start with the actual logo of Repeater-start and set the prompt to “A worldwide ham radio application icon”?

RepeaterSTART App icon

The AI seems to be trying to turn parts of the world of the original icon into something similar to what it knows. Odd. Similarly, if I try to create a new icon with the prompt “A worldwide ham radio application icon”, it builds an odd picture that is half about hams and half about an odd radio-telephone thing:

Ham app icon

Not very useful either. I’m not changing the Repeater-START icon to one that is computer-generated 🙂

AI-generated art was recently causing controversy as noted in the latest Science Friday podcast: a recent art fair contest was won by an AI-generated image! Let’s look at some interesting starts that it can create for the Christmas season:

Christmas on Mars
Prompt: “Christmas on Mars”

Here we can see the machine learning has mostly associated Mars with red ground and christmas with red ornaments… makes sense that it would build this.

A santa who is a programmer
Prompt: “A santa claus who is also a computer programmer”

As below, it seems to pull in random clippings of computer programmer things and santa shaped people.

Santa Engineer
Prompt=”A santa claus who is also a train engineer.”

How about something mathematical and chaotic sounding… it builds something delightfully chaotic looking but more of an absurd ornament than a tree:

Prompt: Diabolical bisecting nonlinear orthagonal christmas tree.

Okay, what about something more real Christmas..

Prompt: Jesus Christ in a manger with mary and Joseph, a dark starry night in the background.

Again it is not quite able to create a full detail of a face and image, but it does look like a nativity from far away if you don’t take a second look…

ChatGPT… What does art AI think about it?

We have seen in recent weeks the expanding of this ChatGPT with some interestingly coherent responses, and even complaints about GPT usage on Stackoverflow and possible stealing of source for schoolwork – is GPT a “source” in the traditional sense? We shall see…

“Someone input text to a chatGPT, hilarity ensues” – what is this?
The result of years of humans interacting with AI based ChatGPT, a machine generated chat system.

You can see Altair seems to think the end result of this ChatGPT will be a androidish robot frowning, chatting with some generic avatar… Interesting.

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