Cautionary warning – email gift card scam

There is a scam to be especially watchful for this giving season… This has been going on targeting churches and clubs or organizations for some time. This appears to be an email from the higher-ups within an organization asking for some gift cards which you will be reimbursed for.

The thing to remember about email is that technically anyone could send an email appearing to be from someone… especially if it is someone who doesn’t usually email you, or it says “I will be away from computer and calls” for the next hours or days.

This may be one of the well known scams that are internet-based and can come from anywhere in the world. Beware requests for visa gift cards especially, and verify by making a call yourself, or some other contact method, when asked for money or information.

Also beware anything that could mention charity that is publicly mentioned on your site that the company/organization supports or mention of specific event coming up – as anyone on the internet can see public calendars and charitable events that your organization has.

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