Hacktoberfest 2021 is here!

It’s been one year since the spammageddon of Hacktoberfest requests and issues with contributing to only accepted opted-in repositories – but this year there are some good changes:

You can now use Gitlab for PRs.

Monetary donations are also encouraged for open source projects.

You can either get a shirt or plant a tree, for completing 4 PRs with improvements to participating open source projects.

Also, of course if you have a project yourself you maintain, you can add “Hacktoberfest” tag to get participants to find your repo. 🙂 What are some of the projects you might consider helping?

Machine learning libraries

Machine learning libraries are interesting to dig into, especially those that are participating in Hacktoberfest. Also Pieter’s Signlanguagedetect.

Amateur radio utilities

There are some ham radio repos doing Hacktoberfest:

Hamutils – written in Python

Hampool (json)- test question database

Pat (Go)- an excellent ham radio Winlink program that has been featured in earlier articles here.

iOS Transfer GUI

This project has not been updated in some time and is meant to allow easily adding and transferring files on Ubuntu/Linux.


With all the internet hype about some recent shots it is good to see who is accurate yourself – spoiler alert – it is not the ones that say everyone will turn into 5g-controlled cyborgs! This project doesn’t analyze Canadian data or any other data other than VAERS csv. If one wanted to experiment more with text processing and filtering to find patterns that would be another interesting addition.


The repeater project at Hearham.live backs an easy to use offline application. Work on the Linux app or the Android port if you wish, there is an experiment for callsign listening on the radio too.


This has been generally disused since the general abandonment of iTunesU but there are still some good course materials to download. This has not yet been fully switched to Python3.

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