Thanksgiving/Christmas/End-of-year travel – Charge ahead?

With the recent massive increase in electric vehicle sales, combined with free fast charging included with particular new car models this year, you may be wondering if the current charging systems can handle it?? This thanksgiving weekend had quite a line on specific stations like the one out of Arizona, as you may have seen in the news and forums! but what about major holidays in general such as Christmas? Let’s look at some of the recent busy days and see if it’s as bad as some have presumed…

The Electrify America app is one major system that lets one see which of the charging stations are filled up… in the app. Let’s see if it was truly a long wait-line or if this is an exaggeration…

Thanksgiving weekend 2023

November 26: Los Angeles

San Francisco:

November 27, 2023

San Francisco, several filled up:

Christmas Weekend

Friday Dec 22:

San Jose:

San Francisco: A number of full stations:

Los Angeles:

Christmas, Dec 25

Los Angeles: A good number stations full of EVs charging:

San Francisco: few full:


December 26, 2023

LA had a number of entirely full EV charging stations:

San Jose:

San Francisco:

San Diego:


San Diego:

San Francisco:

December 31

Lastly, let’s look at the end of year travel today:

Electric vehicles are already a generally more cost effective solution in many places, but are they worth it on long long road trips or do you rent a car on those trips? While charging networks have expanded to most major cities, critics are concerned about the billions of dollars set aside for expansion of EV charging networks that have not yet been used.

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